Rep. Marc Lombardo Defends Free Speech during Counseling Ban Debate

Last week the Counseling ban (HB 140) passed the House of Representatives, with several attempts to alter the bill to be less draconian ruled out of order.

Rep. Marc Lombardo and Rep. Shawn Dooley filed amendments to exempt professional therapists acting in good faith, exempting them if they were counseling children through talk therapy only. In a strange procedural shut down, their amendments were not given an up or down vote, but instead ruled out of order and not taken up.

We urge you to view Rep. Marc Lombardo’s impassioned plea for free speech (both his and therapists!) and to support him in his endeavors.

Several of his colleagues argued at different points prior to the debate that the sort of scenarios raised by the Coalition and MFI could never happen.

But they’re already happening in the United Kingdom, as you can see in this Daily Mail article:

“Social services threaten to take autistic boy into care after his parents refuse to let doctors give him powerful sex-change drugs”

Daily Mail articleThe issue now moves on to the state senate. We have also shared the roll call for this vote on our Facebook page.

Below is the recent roll call on HB 140, the Counseling Ban bill. The Counseling Ban bill prohibits any licensed…

Posted by Renew MA Coalition on Monday, March 18, 2019

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