Oppose The 2019 Sexual Orientation Counseling Ban

Speaking as only one individual Barnstable County Commissioner and not for my entire Board, in Massachusetts, we need to stop the counseling ban, Legislative Bills HB140/SB70!

If these bills pass, parents whose children may be struggling with gender confusion will have nowhere to turn for professional counseling. The Senate version, SB70, even subjects parents to charges of “child abuse” for seeking treatment, even talk therapy, for their children. Deciding that you do not want your child to have a sex change as a minor should not be considered child abuse.

Section 2 of the Senate bill, which contains the child abuse provisions, is what makes this legislation radically different from similar bills passed in other states alreadye. It would also prevent parents from seeking needed treatment for their children out of fear of losing custody. It simply goes TOO FAR.

Please oppose this dangerous legislation by contacting your State Representative and State Senator and telling them to vote against it.

Thank you.

Ron Beaty, Barnstable County Commissioner


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