Sign Our New Petition Against the MA “Roe Act”

Last week legislative leadership of both parties handed down committee assignments, and began the process of organizing legislation filed as part of the new MA legislative session.

Over the next few weeks, committees will begin scheduling hearings on legislation, and bills will receive official bill numbers and begin moving through the legislative process.

We’ve seen in states across the country, most notoriously in NY and VA, that some states are ahead of us in this process and began debating and even passing aggressively pro-abortion infanticide bills pushed by the left.

Some have said, “it’s odd that they didn’t start here in MA.” Don’t mistake the slow pace of committee formation for lack of activity by ultra liberals. We cannot sit idly by, we must keep working to build opposition if we hope to stop these bills here. Can you help by signing our petition?

One key battle in our commonwealth will be against the Roe Act. The Roe Act would:

  • eliminate all parental consent laws,
  • legalize infanticide,
  • remove restrictions on late term abortions, and
  • make abortions more dangerous by eliminating requirements they be performed by doctors in hospitals.

So today, the Renew Massachusetts Coalition and our legislative allies are launching a petition to oppose the Roe Act. We intend to deliver the a copy of the petition to the Governor and our legislators, and present the petition to the committee when a hearing is held on the bill this spring.

Already we’re seeing the playbook of the left in articles in the mainstream media: they’re claiming that vast majorities of Massachusetts voters SUPPORT these radical policies, like eliminating parental consent and ending impediments to late term abortion.

We expect the radical left will lobby and organize in favor of the legislation, with powerful pro-abortion legislators pressuring those with any common sense to ignore their constituents.

The fact of the matter is that they will keep coming back again and again, and advance quickly if we don’t oppose them now.

That’s why your support of the Stop the Roe Act Petition is so crucial. These groups are spending their time and money lobbying legislators against the voiceless unborn, in support of policies that aid infanticide, drive a wedge between parents and daughters, and do little except advance the bottom line of the big abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood.

But it doesn’t stop there. Healthy Start dollars would be re-directed away from creating positive maternal and infant health outcomes and instead used to give middle-class women abortions. We must oppose these efforts, and instead encourage our legislators to get Massachusetts out of the business of padding the pockets of the abortion industry.

No parents should have to learn about their daughter’s abortion after the fact.

No woman should be put in danger from a back-alley abortion legalized in the name of “access to services.”

No taxpayer should be forced to subsidize the taking of innocent human life—especially through a law designed to circumvent federal protections. That’s why we humbly ask you to sign the petition, and join with us in opposition.

Again, we are asking you to stand with us in our fight against the Roe Act, share the petition with your friends, and mark your calendar to join us at Lobby Day on March 20 to deliver our first round of petition signatures.

With your support, we can fight back against this radical legislation in the Commonwealth.

Please, sign the petition to oppose the Roe Act and share this post with your friends today.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.