Liberal Bills on the Horizon

A new two-year session of the legislature, 2019-2020, began last month at the State House with members of both the House and Senate being sworn in. The regular radical bills have been filed, but the left is more zealous and arrogant than in previous sessions.

Here’s a list of those bills we know of already, and we’ll have further updates as we scour and analyze the more than 6,000 bills for the often hidden new left-wing bills.

Health Curriculum Frameworks (Mandatory Sex Education) – Currently comprehensive sex education is optional for school districts to require or even offer. This bill would mandate all school districts offer sex education that meets requirements established by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). Under the guise of “age appropriate” and “medically accurate,” the state would have the ability to mandate curriculum with very adult content geared toward teenagers and pre-teens. Not only does this bill force school districts to teach sex education, it would also force them to use a curriculum mandated by the state.

Tax increases – The Governor’s budget proposal would increase real estate transaction taxes for climate change, extend cigarette taxes to liquids used in e-cigarettes, place a tax on opioid manufacturers, and broaden internet sales taxes. He has also suggested that taxes be levied on the soon-to-be legalized sports betting.

“Safe Communities Act”/Sanctuary State – This legislation would make Massachusetts a “Sanctuary State”—expanding upon the idea of Sanctuary cities, which don’t enforce immigration law or cooperate with federal immigration officials. This legislation would prohibit state and local law enforcement from enforcing immigration law or cooperating with federal authorities.

Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants – This legislation would allow illegal immigrants to obtain Massachusetts driver’s licenses. For someone that is unable to obtain a social security number or proof of lawful presence, the person would only need to produce some form of identification, a date of birth, and show that he or she lives in Massachusetts to get a driver’s license. The last attempt at this nearly succeeded in 2016.

Millionaires Tax – This takes the failed ballot initiative to amend the MA Constitution to establish a graduated income tax and uses the legislative process instead to amend the Constitution to impose a graduated income tax. Supporters claim it will only be used to set a different income tax for millionaires, but we know that it won’t be long before it they set different income tax rates for everyone. It’s a backdoor graduated income tax hike for everyone.

An Act relative to affirming a terminally ill patient’s right to compassionate aid in dying – this is the assisted suicide bill, and it is similar to the ballot question that was defeated in 2012. This bill creates a strong incentive for elders and terminally ill patients to succumb to pressure from others to end their lives. Human life is sacred and should not be subject to such pressure.

An Act Removing Obstructions and Expansion of Abortions, ROE Act — This bill would remove all parental consent requirements for girls under 18, repeal the requirement that certain abortions be performed in a hospital, and expands the reasons that permit abortions beyond 24 weeks of pregnancy. It is essentially an infanticide bill along the lines of what we’ve seen in VA and NY.

Please stay tuned as we’ll be updating you on these bills and more as they go through the process, providing opportunities to call, write, and email legislators and various committee members as bills proceed.

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