An Outdated Bureaucratic Federal Entity: The Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission

Regarding recent news reports about the survival of the Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission, there is good reason why the Interior Department does not support its continuation.

Said Commission was formally authorized by Public Law 87-126, August 7, 1961; as amended by Public Law 105-280.

The panel is supposed to consult on matters relating to development of the National Seashore and to carry out specific provisions of the park’s enabling legislation.

Moreover, it is tasked to provide advice before permits are issued for industrial or commercial use of property within the seashore; establishment of any public use area for recreational activity within the seashore; and any proposed action which would create a substantive change in natural conditions or in existing structures within the seashore.

Last year, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke ordered that the value of the Board be evaluated and wanted the Park to justify the existence of its advisory committee.

Not surprisingly, it appears the Park failed in this endeavor.

In my individual opinion, I believe the Advisory Commission has morphed into what has essentially become a glorified social club which has accomplished little of practical value that can be empirically measured.

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