Baker Endorsed By Democrats, But Not Trusted By Republicans

Recent reports by the Associated Press state that 10 Massachusetts Democrat City Mayors have officially endorsed the reelection of Governor Charlie Baker.

The Democratic Party Mayors of Springfield, Revere, Fall River, Fitchburg, Woburn, Newburyport, Lawrence, Lowell, Westfield, and Braintree have all endorsed our not so “Republican.”

To be frank, such endorsements by elected Democratic Party officials only serve as further evidence that Governor Charlie Baker is himself a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

Baker’s excessively liberal positions on many issues of concern along with his tax and spend fiscal policies coupled with his rabid animosity toward President Trump nail the coffin shut on any legitimate claim he may try to make of being a “Republican.”

As an elected Republican official, I for one, have made the decision not to support Governor Charlie Baker in the November General Election, and instead will do exactly what he did to President Trump in 2016 which is to “blank the ballot” on him.


Barnstable County Commissioner

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