Beaty Opposes Pending New Tax on Short-Term Private Home Rentals

The “Beacon Hill Gang” (including my tax and spend Sept. 4th Republican Primary opponent, Randy Hunt) are once again salivating at the thought of getting their greedy hands on your money. Don’t let them do it!

Presently in a state of limbo, the pending tyrannical tax on short-term private home rentals is naively short-sighted. Moreover, it is excessively burdensome upon homeowners from both a financial and regulatory perspective.

It would damage the local tourism industry, regional housing market, and our local economy.

Furthermore, it unjustifiability infringes upon private property rights, and is abhorrent to basic American principles so dearly cherished by our founding fathers: lower taxes, limited government, individual liberty, and adherence to the U. S. Constitution.

As apparently the only elected official and political candidate on Cape Cod and perhaps in the Commonwealth who has publicly declared his staunch opposition to this draconian new 12 percent tax, I strongly urge voters take this issue into consideration when casting their ballot in the upcoming Primary Election.

RON BEATY, Barnstable County Commissioner & Republican Candidate for State Representative, 5th Barnstable District,

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