“You Don’t have a Right to Say No”

Just when you thought the left couldn’t go any farther in their bizarre demands in support of gender identity, there is yet a new extreme demand facing women, their comfort and safety. The liberals have embraced the #MeToo movement, but apparently a woman’s right to not be made uncomfortable by men stops at the spa (or locker room) door.

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In Ontario, a caller asked to book an appointment at a spa to have a Brazilian wax, a process which includes removal of hair in the genital area. When the spa owner told the male caller that the provider was a practicing Muslim woman, and she was not comfortable waxing him there, the caller filed a $50,000 lawsuit with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal because “she” identified as a trans woman and the spa did “immense harm” to “her” “dignity.”

As reported in Life Site News:

“…spa manager, president and CEO Jason Carruthers told PJ Media the man specifically asked about a Brazilian wax, which involves stripping off all pubic hair.

“She [sic] said, ‘Women have penises and women have balls and if your staff is not comfortable then they can look for another job.’”

This individual essentially asserted that the woman spa-worker in question HAD to touch him in a place she felt uncomfortable doing so—she had no right to say no, regardless of religious reasons or simple modesty.

Forcing women and girls to comply with biologically male individual’s demands simply because of an assertion of a gender identity claim is unacceptable, and another reason our transgender law in MA is ripe for abuse.

This could easily happen here in Massachusetts, because the poorly written Massachusetts transgender bathroom law has no protections for women who object to performing services on men’s genitals!

In only 5 months, voters will start heading to the polls, and that’s a short time in which to make sure we have all the NO votes needed to defeat this poorly written law- a law that threatens the safety of women and children and even strips away our freedom to practice our religion.

That’s why this summer is so important. If you feel as strongly as we do about repealing the bathroom and locker room law, I encourage you to donate to the effort:

Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to challenge the bathroom and locker room law, so the stakes are high. We have a chance to turn the tide on the radical agenda that is so threatening and truly make history—but we cannot do it without strong financial support.

Once voters learn about how this extreme, dangerous and poorly written law allows criminals and predators to stalk women and children in public restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms, we know they will vote NO and repeal it.

Women shouldn’t be faced with a scenario where they must touch a biological male in a way they feel uncomfortable doing, or lose their job or business.

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A campaign to repeal the dangerous bathroom, locker-room and shower law in Massachusetts.