Sign the petition – support Senator Fattman’s call to Reject Backroom Sanctuary State Budget Deal

The State Senate, in a backroom deal on Sanctuary State legislation, is attempting to ram through Sen. Jamie Eldridge’s “Safe Communities” legislation that endangers citizens and law enforcement agencies of our Commonwealth. In this brazen move, Senator Eldridge and his leftist allies seek to pass this legislation with no public debate or stand-alone votes.

Senator Fattman and his colleagues have drafted a letter asking the conference committee to keep this language (including Section 40, 85, and 89) out of their final budget, to prevent this backroom deal.

Please support Senator Fattman and all those standing against Sen. Eldridge’s plans by signing the petition.

Even if we are successful in stopping this backroom deal, we are still in danger. Recall last summer the activist Supreme Judicial Court, in an unsigned opinion in Lunn v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ruled that state and local police could not honor ICE detainer requests if it means holding a suspected illegal immigrant longer than they would otherwise be able to hold them. So, local law enforcement have no choice but to release illegal immigrants if they have no other reason to hold them.

As Senator Fattman notes, “These policies often result in the release of potentially dangerous individuals back into our communities. It is estimated that close to 50% of federal immigration detainers are lifted because removable aliens are released on bail without any notification to ICE.”

Our petition calls upon legislators and Governor Baker not only to oppose the Eldridge language in the budget, but to also fix the Lunn decision, so our local law enforcement can coordinate with federal officials to protect us.

Sign the petition now!

Let the legislature know that you don’t want Sanctuary State Legislation and that, in fact, you want to protect our safety by allowing our law enforcement officers to coordinate to apprehend dangerous illegal immigrants.

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