Senate Adopts Sanctuary State Bill. Hold Your Senator Accountable.

While debating the state budget, the State Senate voted to adopt Senator Jamie Eldridge’s Sanctuary State bill. There are many things wrong with this that we will get into. But there is good news we want to share with you: it was a roll call vote and you can see how your Senator voted:

Hold your Senators accountable for their vote on making Massachusetts a Sanctuary State! We ask you to please share…

Posted by Renew MA Coalition on Thursday, May 24, 2018

The vote was 25 to 13 in favor with 6 Democrats joining the 7 Republics in opposition to this dangerous and unfair legislation.

While the amendment was slightly watered down from its original form, it still ties the hands of local enforcement agencies and prohibits them from contacting federal immigration authorities even if they have probable cause to believe that an individual in their custody is an illegal immigrant.

This is simply wrong. Recent news reports of MS-13 gang members or drug dealers being illegal immigrants demonstrate how dangerous illegal immigration already is, not to mention how this legislation makes it so much worse.

We ask you to please share this information with friends, family, and neighbors and ask them to check to see how their Senator voted. Armed with that information, they should contact their Senator and tell them how bad this legislation is and that they are paying attention. Please share the image on social media as well.

The next step in the budget process will be to hammer out a compromise budget by House and Senate negotiators. We will want you to tell the negotiators to leave this dangerous legislation out of the compromise budget. Please be on the watch for our instructions in the near future.

With the elections coming in this November, please keep a watch for those that may be challenging a Senator that voted in favor of this bad bill.

As we’ve said before–many of these legislators are genuine true believers in bad public policy, who care little about what their constituents want. Those legislators need to be replaced. We encourage you get active to help those that share your values on illegal immigration and other important issues–and the Coalition has been recruiting and training candidates in competitive districts–but we need your help. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your diligence! We can stop this bad legislation if we let our Senators and Representatives know that we care and that we’re paying attention.

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