Support Public Safety and Immigration Enforcement

Representative Jim Lyons of Andover has offered a budget amendment entitled “An Act to clarify the jurisdiction of law enforcement officials on immigration issues.”

Representative Lyons’ amendment (#347) would give local law enforcement authorities the ability to detain an person for up to 48 hours, if there was probable cause to believe that the person violated federal laws including immigration laws.

This amendment will correct a State Supreme Judicial Court ruling from last summer that ruled local law enforcement authorities do not have the legal ability to hold a person or coordinate with federal officials, even if they have probable cause that the person has violated federal laws such as immigration laws.

Last week, Fox News, among other news outlets, reported on Frederick Amfo, 30, an illegal immigrant from Ghana who allegedly raped a woman and was set free on bail and then fled the country. He is now beyond the reach of authorities. Representative Lyons’ amendment may have prevented this tragedy from happening.

Please take 30 seconds to click here and contact your legislators today. Please ask them to support Representative Lyons’ amendment.

Please also ask them to stand up and support a roll call vote on the measure. What does this mean? Many amendments fail because legislators, Republicans and Democrats, do not stand up for a roll call. The vote is then taken by voice vote rather than recorded vote. If your legislator doesn’t support a recorded vote on the issue, he or she is willing to allow the Speaker to declare the amendment has failed without actually counting the yeas and nays or placing any legislator on record.

Legislators can then claim they supported the amendment without actually doing so.

Click here to send them an email asking them to vote yes in support of Amendment 347 and to request a roll call vote.

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