Sign the Petition to Stop #Prop80

Our Commonwealth is under threat.  Once again radical Leftists consumed with envy have distilled their class-warfare fantasy into a ballot question.  They named this monstrosity the “Fair Share Amendment.”  This cynical appeal seeks to change our state’s Constitution to allow a surtax of 80% on incomes of one million or more.  This is nothing less than the same graduated income tax that has been defeated at the ballot box many times before.

The Worcester Tea Party opposes this ludicrous tax scheme that has been tried and failed in Maryland, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We have a plan to stop it and you can help. We are circulating an online petition opposing the “Fair Share Amendment” ballot question.

Here is the link to the petition.  Please sign it and share it on social media.

On Saturday, April 28th The Republican Party is holding its statewide convention at the DCU Center 50 Foster St, Worcester, MA 01608.  We will be demonstrating out front in opposition to the “Fair Share Amendment.”   We are asking people to sign our petition to show there is a groundswell of opposition to the “Fair Share Amendment.”

The men and women of the Worcester Tea Party are planning many exciting events to highlight all that is wrong with “Fair Share Amendment.”  Check back here for more developments

In Liberty,
President Matt O’Brien

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