40 Days for Life founder, David Bereit, inspires the Pro-life Movement in Massachusetts

Last week the Coalition held a great breakfast with David Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life. David was introduced by Tom Harvey, and together they asked everyone involved to step up and be more involved in the pro-life movement, particularly in candidate advancement this year, as well as the effort to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion.

David relayed his personal story, in which he went door to door recruiting volunteers to sign up to pray for those going into abortion clinics, those working in clinics, and that the local clinic would close. So many people came together from the community that the effort was regarded as wildly successful, eventually closing the clinic.

That effort was so effective, it lead others to ask how to do it and David told them go door to door recruiting volunteers and provided individuals with information on how to put together a 40 Days for Life effort. It spread worldwide.

David stressed the importance of how one person can make a dramatic change in the culture, citing Abraham Lincoln, who was inspired to end slavery. He challenged those present at the breakfast:

“Are you willing to make a difference and stand up for life?”

He asked those present to make a monthly donation, or consider running for office.

Are you willing to step forward, and run for office?

The national and international efforts of 40 Days for Life have mobilized 725,000 volunteers in 675 cities across 40 nations and their efforts helped to save 12,668 children’s lives, bring 143 workers out of the abortion industry, and close 83 abortion centers.

To emphasize the life saving work being done, David shared a story of stop on a bus tour 40 Days for Life organized. Some of the local organizers of the stop told him that they had a surprise for him: a five and half year old girl emerged from the crowd to thank David for saving her life five and years ago. This little girl’s mother was scheduled to have an abortion five and half years ago while a 40 Days for Life program was ongoing. Because of the 40 Days for Life efforts, her mother decided not to have an abortion.

David was profoundly moved. He stressed how important the pro-life efforts of the Renew Massachusetts Coalition are, and the importance of concrete actions to advance pro-life policy. It’s through concrete actions that we will eventually end abortion here in Massachusetts.

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