Wanted: Candidates Who Will Save the Commonwealth

Beacon Hill is gearing up for another election where they can keep the status quo intact, unless of course we can disrupt their plans. The only way we can do this is if we have strong conservative challengers in key legislative races, we need YOU!

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • What’s it really like to be a state representative?
  • Can I make a campaign “work” given my schedule and place in life?
  • Could I serve in the legislature and keep my current job?
  • Is my district competitive? Is it worth it?
  • What would I need to do, so I’m sure to not be wasting others time?

If you’ve ever considered stepping up, come to our Info Session to have your questions answered by legislators and Renew staff about what it’s really like serving in the legislature and running for office.

The left is rallying around challengers and incumbents who will march in lock step with the Speaker. Even if you have never considered running for office it is time to start thinking about it, and we are here to teach you how and answer questions.

Information Sessions
Monday, April 2 and Tuesday, April 10
6:00 pm
Northboro, MA
RSVP required to Chanel at Chanel@RenewMACoalition.org for details

If you stand for limited government, greater liberty, and against the radical progressive social agenda of Beacon Hill we want you to stand with us.

Join us at an information session where we can help guide you through the process. Our experienced staff can help you every step of the way even if you have no campaign experience at all. The left has their campaign machines but we are looking for what really matters, strong candidates who will stand up for what is right.

Please consider joining us at one of the information sessions to discuss the possibility of running for office, together we can change Beacon Hill in 2018.

Even if you have never considered running please consider attending an information session, and remember we saw how well first time candidates can do in 2016!

We look forward to seeing you there.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.