My Remarks To The March 4 Trump Rally In Boston

Update: Here’s the footage. Enjoy!


The folks who organized this year’s March 4 Trump rally in Boston very graciously invited me to come and address the crowd. It was a lovely event, and for a rally taking place right in the belly of the beast, the turnout was quite impressive. My brother and I shot some video, which I’ll post later, but for now, here’s a transcript of the speech I gave.


I know that there’ve been better speakers than me here today, and I know that they’ve pepped you up, and gotten you stoked, and reminded you of all the reasons we have for being excited. I’m going to do something different. I’m going to say some things that I feel like I really need to say, but that you might dislike to hear. We’ll see how it goes.

The last time I gave a speech at a pro-Trump rally was in 2016, on the town green across from the Trump campaign headquarters in Littleton. Those were the heady days of the campaign, when all was opportunity and potential. We were as people awakened from a stupor then, invigorated by the light of truth, surprised by our own power. And on the path ahead of us lay victory after victory.

And there’re many more victories ahead of us yet to look forward to. But now there’s something behind us to look back at as well. In the first year of Trump’s presidency, there’ve been points scored, and also shots missed.

And this is a particularly good time of year for reflection. Today is the third Sunday of lent, a season that calls less for triumphalism about what we’ve achieved, than for sobriety about where we continue to fail.

Specifically, lent is a time in which we remember our complicity in the death of our Lord, and consider what the story of His murder, at the hands of our ancestors, can tell us about ourselves.

Pontius Pilate was a gentile who, in the back of his mind, knew that Christ was not a criminal. He knew that the Pharisees were just gaslighting him. But he was too cowardly to stand up to them. And so he played along with their insanity even though it meant telling himself a lie, and permitting the murder of an innocent man.

Pilate knew that what he was doing was wrong, but he did it anyway, because he was a coward. And here’s the thing: In Pontius Pilate, I see myself. Actually, and this is the part you might not like, but, in Pontius Pilate, I see us.

For many years the Pharisees told us that we must do as the Europeans have done, and sacrifice the safety of our mothers, and sisters, and wives, and children, on the altar of diversity and inclusion. And the leaders of our party shrank from that debate, because they were afraid of being labeled “xenophobic.” It wasn’t until Donald Trump demonstrated that being called a racist and a nativist would not cause the sky to fall on your head that we found the courage to stand up for ourselves.

But there are other lies that we continue to acquiesce to out of fear.

When a pregnant mother pays a so-called “doctor” to murder her unborn baby, the Pharisees tell us that this is her sacred right. And we think “well, it isn’t our children being killed. So what does it have to do with us?”

Whereas Christ told us to love our enemies, the Pharisees tell us that we should hate our friends. From the talking-head panels of CNN and MSNBC, to the pages of the Weekly Standard and the National Review, they relentlessly defame the Russian people, and demagogue Putin as a practically inhuman villain.

We know that Russia is one of our greatest allies. It’s plain for us to see that Vladimir Putin is a resolute, patriotic, and well-intentioned leader of a nation that dearly loves him. And yet I know that there are some of us who would rather I didn’t state this simple truth, because going against the overwhelming narrative of the Sanhedrin makes them uncomfortable.

Even while White Americans are committing suicide at a rate 3 times greater than are Hispanics, and almost 4 times greater than Blacks, the Pharisees insist that it continue to be the official policy of the federal government and corporate America to discriminate against White people. We watch as monuments to the White heroes of our past are torn down, vandalized, and spat on, by a bizarre coalition of gibbering low-IQ ingrates, and androgynous hipster Marxists, united only by their hatred of White America. And yet, I know that the very act of my describing this circumstance is making some of you squirm, because we’ve been trained by the Pharisees that it’s hate speech even to simply utter the phrase “It’s OK to be White.”

Did anybody here go to CPAC this year? Anybody? No? [some back-and-forth with the audience ensued] There we go; Patrick did. There was a very embarrassing incident at this year’s CPAC. What’s that? “Which one?” Patrick says. There were so many. The one that I’m thinking of is that one of the most gifted and brilliant leading lights of the European Right, a French woman named Marion Marechal Le Pen, was invited to attend the conference this year and give a speech, kind of like I was invited to come here today and talk to you, except in her case she had to cross the Atlantic. She had to speak in English, which is her second language. It was an invitation she very graciously accepted.

Also invited to this year’s CPAC was the columnist Mona Charen, who was asked to participate in a panel discussion on conservative women. Appallingly, she used that platform as an opportunity to viciously attack and slander Marion Le Pen, saying that CPAC’s having invited Marion was “a disgrace”, and claiming that one of Marion’s grandfathers was a NAZI. Now, not only was this untrue, this was actually the polar opposite what was true. In point of fact, of Marion’s two grandfathers one them was a Gaullist, and the other attempted to join the French Resistance, but was turned down because he was only sixteen years old. He was just a teenager during the war, but he still tried to sign up to fight for the French.

The spectacle of the graceful and beautiful Marion graciously traveling across the Atlantic only to have her family viciously and hatefully defamed by the twisted and ugly Mona Charen, from a stage at the very conference Marion had arrived here to attend, was a supreme embarrassment for the organizers of CPAC and also for our movement. And yet, if CPAC’s organizers had only been willing to be honest with themselves, this mortifying incident could’ve been predicted, and avoided. Because Mona Charen has been open about her hatred of us and her hatred for our movement for a long time. She’s been hurling the most hateful and spiteful invective at us for years now from the pages of the National Review, and The Boston Globe, and Jewish World Review. So why was she invited to CPAC?

The reason she was invited to CPAC because the Pharisees of the mainstream media, for whom she plays the role of controlled opposition, told us that she is a “conservative”. And rather than contradict this ridiculous pretense, which all of us know is not true, we went along with it. We played along because, like Pilot, we thought it was more convenient to choose to play along.

I know everybody’s freezing so I’ll just do one more little story and then I’m done; I’m out of here, I promise. And I love you guys and I appreciate you for listening to me.

Most of you probably know who Congressman Stephen Lynch is, right? I would say that of Massachusetts’ whole congressional delegation he is probably the most reasonable and grounded member. I would say that Stephen Lynch is maybe the last of an almost extinct species, which is down-to-earth Democrats.

Stephen Lynch has a primary opponent this year, who’s a man named John Flynt. Now John Flynt is a cross-dresser; a “transgender.” He wears women’s clothing. He grows his hair long. He goes by the alias “Brianna Wu.”

Every one of us, in our hearts and minds, knows that this “transgenderism” stuff is just another lie being told to us. We know, of course, that Brianna Wu and men like him are not actually women. We know that. And yet I’ve noticed that journalists, and newscasters, and even ostensibly right-wing commentators, when they discuss Brianna Wu, they refer to him as “she”, and “her.” We know this is just more gaslighting, from exactly the same people who’ve been gaslighting us since Pilate’s day. But, like Pontius Pilate, we reckon the safest thing is to do is to go along with it.

Folks, we aren’t going to Make America Great Again if we keep playing along with the lies of America’s enemies.

So: This is a very dreary speech. But I’ll give you some good news: We don’t have to do that. We don’t have to lie any more. We don’t have to lie to ourselves. We don’t have to lie to each other. We are living through the American Perestroika. All the lies that they’ve told, all the taboos against honesty that they’ve enforced, they’re all wilting away. This is a really exciting time to be alive. But we have to rise to the occasion.

Thank you for listening!

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