Bathroom Law Repeal Releases New Video

Keep MA Safe, the ballot question committee to repeal the Bathroom and Locker Room law, has released its first video in the campaign to educate the public about how the law works and its impact on sensitive private spaces accessed by the public.

It features a little girl and a grown man in a restroom, while the child’s father must wait outside, unable to protect her. It concludes with a list of media reports of recent crimes committed in restrooms and an appeal for voters to sign up and join the effort to repeal the law.

“There’s a misconception out there that this law applies only to individuals who have surgically altered their bodies. That’s simply not the case, and the video demonstrates that,” said Andrew Beckwith, legal counsel of the Keep MA Safe ballot committee. “Any man can currently access a women’s facility, as the definition of ‘gender identity’ is extremely broad and fluid. As the ad also highlights, the law imposes significant fines and penalties on individuals who question anyone’s presence in sensitive areas, regardless of their appearance.”

“The Transgender Bathroom and Locker Room Law encourages this type of behavior, and discourages concerned parents from speaking out. Keep MA Safe wants to repeal the law so Massachusetts can go back to putting women’s safety ahead of political correctness,” said Chanel Prunier, Chairman of the Keep MA Safe ballot committee.

Keep MA Safe is a ballot campaign to repeal the transgender bathroom bill enacted by the legislature in July of 2016 and signed into law by Governor Baker. The law allows a person to claim any gender, regardless of anatomy or biology, and use the bathroom or locker room facility based on the claimed gender.

The video was produced by volunteer supporters of the effort. Keep MA Safe plans to promote it via social media and via paid advertising to educate voters over the next month as additional videos are produced.

About Keep MA Safe

A campaign to repeal the dangerous bathroom, locker-room and shower law in Massachusetts.