Ask the Governor to Veto Secret Abortions

SB 2296, the “Confidential Health Care” bill, has now passed in both houses and after it goes through conference, it will move to Governor Baker’s desk for his signature. We need your help convincing him to veto it. As we’ve written to you before, this is the legislation to encourage children and spouses to keep important health care decisions from their families.

The Governor’s veto is the last line of defense we have against this legislation, which would change the law regarding explanations of benefits forms health insurance policy holders receive. It would specifically exempt abortions, birth control, and sex-reassignment activities from them.

We saw an outpouring of support when we asked you to contact your state legislators to encourage them to vote against this bill. Governor Baker now needs the same encouragement; please take the time to tell him to veto this bill.

If the Governor does not veto this bill it would allow a woman on her husband’s insurance, or a daughter on her father’s insurance to use his insurance to pay for her abortion or birth control, and he could not be notified. This legislation is being pushed so women can be pressured into abortion, and abortion industry workers can tell them, “go ahead and get an abortion–your parents (or husband’s) insurance will pay for it and they’ll never know.”

As we have done before, we ask that you consider the following questions, all of which are possible if this bill is signed into law. If you answer ‘no’ to any of them, please make sure the Governor knows you want him to veto this bill.

  • Would you want to pay for your daughter to have an abortion and never know?
  • Would you want to pay for your husband’s treatments for sexually transmitted disease without knowing it?
  • Would you want to pay for your spouse or child to begin sex reassignment hormone therapy, or surgery, without your knowledge?

Make sure the Governor knows how you feel about this bill, please click here to do so.

Your calls and emails to legislators helped draw attention to this bill and what it is truly designed to do. So let’s keep the pressure on and let the Governor know we are watching and waiting for his veto.

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