Sanctuary State Bills Die

Congratulations! You did it! Your emails, phone calls, on online petition signing worked!

We learned last night that the “[Un]Safe” Communities Act (aka the Sanctuary State bill) has not advanced in committee. It has been “sent to study,” rather than receiving a favorable report, which means it would be very unlikely for it to come up for a vote.

This victory is the direct result of your efforts! We ran Facebook advertising to get the word out about what the legislature was planning, and you responded by signing our online petition against the bill. With your help, I delivered thousands of petitions you signed to the State House at the hearing last June, and many of you joined us to personally express your opposition.

We sent emails to tens of thousands of voters, advocating against the bill, and you responded by sending emails to legislators and making phone calls to them as well.

We produced push cards, for educating voters in key, targeted communities about the bill, and you responded by distributing thousands of them at soccer fields and super markets.

Won’t you help keep these efforts going with your online donation today?

Not only do we need to cover our costs of these efforts, but we also cannot rest.The legislation may have been sent to study, but as we saw last year with efforts to grant drivers licenses to illegal aliens, attempts may be made to insert the legislation into the budget this April.

We keep our ears to the ground by using legislative tracking services as well as being in constant contact with our legislative friends on Beacon Hill. A common tactic by our opponents is to attach this type of bill to a budget bill as an “outside” section that gets adopted without a stand-alone vote. We must continue to keep an eye out for this.

Thank you again for your full support.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.