Cybersleuthing Holly’s Cyberbully

Last week it became known that a prankster had some fun with domain names related to Diehl campaign manager Holly Robichaud.

Robichaud is senior campaign consultant to state Representative Geoff Diehl, who is running for the GOP nomination to oppose US Senator Elizabeth Warren. But an online prankster has finagled her website so that visitors to automatically redirects to the website of one of Diel’s primary opponents, businessman John Kingston.

Try to access (a website that she says she never created), and an unflattering Boston Herald story about Robichaud pops up.

Suspicion is, of course, brought to bear on the opposing campaigns. Also suspicious is the first mention of the prank on the Internet, which occurred in a tweet by Ted Dooley. The two domains in question were registered in a manner that makes the contact info private, but that doesn’t mean that other information cannot be found using tools such as WHOIS to get registrar information and this other online tool to find host information. Below is a chart with such information: first from the two prank domains, second from the Kingston and Lindstrom campaign domains, and lastly from a personal website registered to Ted Dooley and linked to from his Twitter profile.

If either the Kingston campaign or Lindstrom campaign were responsible for the prank, they took the extra step of not using the same registrar that they registered their campaign website with, and also not using the same hosting provider. If Ted Dooley played some role in the prank, he used the same registrar and same hosting provider as he did for his personal website. Absent the contact information from the two prank sites we can never be sure who the prankster is, but maybe my chart narrowed the field a bit.

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