“Confidential Health Care?” or Secret Abortions?

The state senate is scheduled for a potential vote this week on SB 591 regarding encouraging children and spouses to keep important health care decisions from their families. Dubbed an Act Relative to “Confidential Healthcare” this legislation would change the law regarding explanations of benefits forms health insurance policy holders receive, and exempt abortions, birth control, or sex-reassignment activities from them. We want to thank all of you who stepped forward to testify against the bill, and to oppose it by contacting your legislators already.

With the senate poised to potentially vote this week, we’re asking you to contact your senator (or contact him again) to encourage the senate to oppose bills that encourage secrecy in important medical decisions.

Many of you will remember when we stopped this bill at the end of 2016, when the legislators tried to pass it in informal session, as a late Christmas gift to Planned Parenthood.

Otherwise known as the Secret Abortions bill, this legislation would prohibit insurance companies’ explanation of benefits notices from being sent to policy holders if the insured accessed sensitive, “confidential” health care services.

For example, a woman on her husband’s insurance, or a girl on her father’s insurance could use that insurance to pay for her abortion or birth control, and he could not be notified. This legislation is being pushed so women can be pressured into abortion, and abortion industry workers can tell them, “go ahead and get an abortion–your parents insurance will pay for it and they’ll never know.”

Would you want to pay for your daughter to have an abortion and never know?

Would you want to pay for your husband’s treatments for sexually transmitted disease without knowing it?

Would you want to pay for your spouse or child to begin sex reassignment hormone therapy, or surgery, without your knowledge?

Click on our issue brief to read more about this piece of legislation, and encourage your legislators to oppose this bill.

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