Use of Bounty Hunters to Apprehend Criminal Illegal Aliens, Why Not?

With nonsensical talk by misguided politicians about establishing sanctuary cities and sanctuary states to harbor criminal illegal aliens in recent years, citizens are left with much to ponder.

There are quite likely millions of highly dangerous criminal illegal aliens hiding out in our society, some right here on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts, and across the nation.

Their crimes can range from identity theft and robbery, to more violent offenses like rape, assault and murder.

The police and/or federal agents can’t chase after all these persons and criminals. It takes much time, money and resources.

With the aforementioned background in mind, we should at least explore new and innovative methods for tackling this challenge.

I believe taking a look at having bounty hunters track & apprehend criminal illegal aliens is one such possible mechanism to assist with solving this daunting task.

Taxpayers, voters and concerned citizens should contact their Congressmen, Senators, and President Trump to ask that this idea be further explored.

Thank you.

Ron Beaty
Barnstable County Commissioner

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