The Conversation, Episode 3 — Amateur Hour With Darius Mitchell. Guest-Starring Rachel Miselman

Update: I’ll be the first to say it: This was a garbage interview. The volume levels between me and Darius are wildly disparate. At times you can hear me struggling to weave some meaning out of the seemingly aimless discussion. Awkward pauses punctuated by the chirp of Darius’s smoke alarm.

However… I had fun. And I especially enjoyed the running commentary from those of you who tuned in. Thanks for watching, guys.

* * * * * *

I’ll be interviewing Republican U.S. Senate candidate Darius Mitchell live at 8pm tonight. This hasn’t been in the works for more than, say, about the past 45 minutes; I spoke with Mr. Mitchell on the phone early tonight, and, eschewing the controlled environment of a pre-recorded interview, he channeled Bill O’Reilly and said “we’ll do it live.”

You can watch here:

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