Stop the Sanctuary State Bill

Time is of the essence so I’ll be brief: the deadline for legislation to advance or be killed on Beacon Hill is quickly approaching, and we need to contact our legislators today to stop HB 3269, the Sanctuary State bill.

Known as “Joint Rule 10 Day,” Committees must make reports to advance or kill legislation by February 7. We need as many people as possible to make their opposition know before that date.

Last spring, the radical left held rallies on Beacon Hill to advocate for the Safe Communities Act, aka Sanctuary state bill, and now they’re quietly trying to pressure legislators to give it a favorable report.

Op-eds and letters to the editor supporting the bill are popping up all over the state, fueled by a mainstream media that will do anything to oppose efforts to fix our broken immigration system.

Sanctuary areas tie the hands of law enforcement, and make MA a Safe Haven for deportable criminals. The legislation would jeopardize federal funds for our state, while making our communities less safe. They also increase the financial impact illegal residents have on our state services – everything from Medicaid to education costs.

Last year thousands of people signed our petition against this legislation, which we delivered to the committee at the hearing about this legislation. We need your help to activate those people, to get them more involved, to encourage them to email and call their legislators.

We need your help to reach thousands of conservatives in key districts through Facebook ads, emails, and phone calls in advance of the February 7 deadline.

Please take a minute to contact your legislators and donate today.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.