You Are Eligible for a Free Netflix Alternative

Hoopla Digital is primarily a streaming video service in the same vein as Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant. What makes it special is that you may have access to it for free through your local library. If your local library card does not give you access to this service you are still in luck. The Boston Public Library will give you an eCard with very little fuss all over the internet so long as you meet some basic criteria.

  • You reside permanently in Massachusetts
  • You live in-state for part of the year to attend school
  • You commute to a Massachusetts employer on a sustained and regular basis
  • You own property in Massachusetts

Follow this link to go through the signup process. Once you have a BPL library card number you can then sign up for a Hoopla account and attach that number to the account.

The video catalog isn’t enormous, but I’ve definitely found things to watch. Hoopla makes available apps for Apple and Android. Also, if you have a Chromecast you would be able to cast the video from your phone to a TV.

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