Cape Cod Commission should be elected

Speaking as one individual Barnstable County Commissioner, I strongly support taking a deeper look at my proposed idea of changing the Cape Cod Commission from an appointed public body to an elected public body directly chosen by Barnstable County voters.

In my opinion, an elected Cape Cod Commission would be more democratic.

Additionally, it would be more accountable and responsive to the needs of the public.

Increased transparency and fiscal responsibility would take a giant step forward.

Furthermore, electing members will enhance public interest in the Commission as it ensures that people have a direct voice in the selection of the agency’s governing body.

Elected CCC members will have greater independence and freedom to act in the best interests of the public than do currently appointed Cape Cod Commission members.

Moreover, an elected public body is in a better position to work closely and effectively with the CCC Executive Director and professional staff than an appointed board.

Finally, they would be subject to all applicable state ethics and campaign finance laws.

We need to concretely take the next step in this significant discussion by putting forth a proposed County Ordinance and/or Home Rule Charter Change.

Thank you.

Barnstable County Board of Regional Commissioners

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