2018 Predictions

First, take a peak at some of my 2017 predictions. I don’t want to go down the list, but some absolutely came to pass, others arguably came to pass, and others may come to pass in 2018. All in all, I’d say I did pretty good.

On to 2018…

Baker. He essentially runs unopposed. Healey does not jump in.

Congress. Republicans keep both the House and Senate.

Ballot Questions. Here’s a list, and here are recent additions to that list. $15 minimum wage will pass. Sales tax reduction and tax free weekend will pass. The “Bathroom Bill” will be repealed.

MassGOP State Convention. The 15% rule is in play for the Senate race and for the governor’s race. Geoff Diehl will have no problem getting 15%. Only one of the moderates will get the needed 15%. It will be John Kingston. Scott Lively, who is a Republican, will not get the needed 15% to run against Baker.

Senate Race. Diehl beats Kingston in the primary. Warren pulls a Coakley.

Trump. Construction begins on the wall. DACA expires, “Dreamers” get deported. Ginsberg and Kennedy retire, Trump gets to nominate two justices to the Supreme Court.

Twitter. Stick a fork in Twitter, it’s done.

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