Thankful for Your Response to this Attack

While people across our state are gathering for the Thanksgiving holiday, the leftists are out on the attack. Yesterday they called on our Governor to denounce state senate candidate Dean Tran, running in a special election for state senate in the Fitchburg/Leominster/Gardner district.

Dean’s offense? In a debate he affirmed his opposition to men using women’s locker rooms and showers, as well as his support for re-directing funding for Planned Parenthood to community health centers. A father of three, Dean’s rightfully concerned about sex offenders, and wants to see our tax dollars go to clinics that truly help women, rather than pushing abortion on them.

The radical left is aggressively attacking Dean because they know that as a first generation Vietnamese immigrant and respected public official (he’s served on the city council for years) he’s leading the Democrat in the polls.

They need to rile up their base, and increase turnout among the very, very liberal Democrats to succeed on Election Day (coming up in less than two weeks on December 5). Just a few weeks ago, US Senator Elizabeth Warren came to the district to stump for the Democrat, and Maura Healey will be out as well. We can see from their support where the Democrat stands.

Dean Tran needs our help to overcome these forces. He cannot do it alone, and needs our support.

How can you help? The more boots on the ground campaigning for Dean that we have, the more likely to succeed we’ll be. We need volunteer to knock doors and to distribute voter guides and other literature. Can you volunteer this weekend and next? We have just two weekends left.

You can also help on Election Day (December 5), or the day before.

His district includes the towns of Leominster, Gardner, Fitchburg, Sterling, Townsend, Lancaster, Clinton, Lunenburg, Westminster, Berlin, and Bolton, but we need help from all across the state for this effort. Please email us if you’re able to assist.

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