Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Signature Drive – Sign Up TODAY

The petitions for the Signature Drive to Stop Taxpayer Funding of abortion are in and we’ve been collecting in earnest to make this question a success.

Many Massachusetts voters don’t even know that their tax dollars fund abortions, essentially serving as corporate welfare for a bloated and unethical abortion industry. The CEO of Planned Parenthood of MA makes over $250,000 a year, their top six executives each make over $125,000 annually, and they have over $20 Million in assets. It’s time to start a conversation about where are tax dollars are going!

We’re looking for volunteers and runners to sign up immediately to gather signatures and bring petitions to people throughout the state.

We’re calling on all pro-life conservatives who can help to take three actions:

  1. Sign up here to gather signatures—we’ll have shifts to fill at super markets, and other locations where voters can sign. We need your help, so if you haven’t signed up, please do so today.
  2. If you attend church, ask your pastor ASAP if we can conduct a drive at your church. We recently mailed information packets and signature papers to over 800 churches and we need your help to follow up! Please notify us immediately if your church can conduct a drive, so we can get you more papers, and coordinate with local volunteers to provide assistance.
  3. Active on social media? Please like the petition’s page on Facebook here: and take a few minutes to invite your friends to like the page as well.

The quickest way to get papers? Reply to this email, or for a quicker response, email your field director directly:

Finally, our regional directors will have their hands full getting papers out to all corners of Massachusetts. If you’re willing to drop off petitions to signature gatherers in your town or a neighboring town, please email them or reply to this email to offer your assistance today.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.