One Month to Go: Volunteer for our Defunding Abortion Signature Drive

We have just one month to go in our signature drive to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion. As I’ve written before, our state is one of very few that sticks taxpayers with the bill for elective abortions, while Planned Parenthood pays their leadership outrageous salaries and uses our money to support the campaigns of politicians like Maura Healey. Enough is enough!

We have just four weekends to go, but need more volunteers. We’re entering the final push and need all hands on deck.

Sign up here to volunteer now so we can plan for the final four weekends.

And if your church, town committee, or Knights of Columbus group hasn’t participated in a signature drive, email us today to get papers and sign up.

We also want to share with you an Op-Ed published yesterday in the New Boston Post. There’s been a lot of news coverage lately of the scandal of Harvey Weinstein preying on vulnerable women looking to make a career in Hollywood.

The similarities abound in the power dynamic Weinstein utilized and the one created by the Bathroom and Locker room law to disadvantage and silence women in cases of assault.

Please take a few minutes to read it and forward this email to friends:

Hold-It Nation:  Why Massachusetts Women Are As Vulnerable As One of Harvey Weinstein’s Starlets

With your help, we can educate the citizens of Massachusetts regarding the true nature of the Bathroom and Locker Room law.

Don’t let the Harvey Weinsteins of the world silence you.

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