A New Podcast Discusses the GOP Side of the Senate Race

Have you heard there is Gabriel Gomez buzz? There is Gabriel Gomez buzz. The latest episode of The Horse Race discusses the buzz and more. This is a relatively new podcast from MassINC’s Steve Koczela and Politico’s Lauren Dezenski. While I’m not the biggest fan of Steve, Lauren’s Massachusetts Playbook is an indispensable daily read.

Here is a direct link to the Senate race segment:

At the bottom of this post is a new poll (with the full slate of candidates) so we can gauge interest at this time. However, I am aware of the 15% rule. My general understanding is that at the MassGOP convention any candidate wanting to appear on the ballot must get 15% of the delegates. I’m also aware that at past conventions there was some grumbling about whether the 15% rule applied to federal races (in that it did not, and only counted as an endorsement). Please add a comment if you can clarify how the rule applies.

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