Mark Your Calendars: March for Life on Boston Common, Oct 1st

You may have heard that there is an annual March for Life that takes place in DC every year. It’s ridiculously well attended, very organized, and gets a fair amount of media attention. What you may not know is that there is also a local March for Life that takes place annually on Boston Common. Having gone last year, let me say that attendance at the rally could have been better. The weather also could have been better, which may explain the attendance issue. This year’s local March for Life is only a month away!

This is an important year. There is a lot going on locally. It is in all of our interests to make this rally as well attended as we can. Let’s brainstorm and promote this.

Promote it on social media. Make sure friends and family are aware of the event.

  1. Share on Facebook.
  2. Share on Twitter.
  3. Share on Eventbrite.

Promote it IRL. The event already has an official flyer. Feel free to use that. Post to it to your church bulletin board, campus billboard, or community billboard. If the flyer gets torn down, which is entirely possible, put another flyer back up. If any of you have some design ability, take the event details and make some additional flyers that are more eye catching. Post it to Red Mass Group to share it.

Mark the event on your own calendar. Be sure to come.

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