Jacob Ventura Wins Special Election Primary

For those of you across the state who hadn’t heard the good news, we’re excited to share that Jacob Ventura won the Republican primary in the special election for state senate this Tuesday.

Ventura will compete against Labor official Paul Feeney (a supporter of sanctuary cities and single payer health care) in the October 17th general election. Stay tuned for opportunities to educate voters about the candidates’ views on issues as we enter the final weeks of the campaign.

We’ve also launched three additional pay raise videos advertising campaigns this week, to hold the Democrats in the legislature accountable for their 40% pay hikes, bloated expense accounts, and obscene pension grab that happened in January.

For some legislators, this was the first vote they took as newly elected state representatives.It’s our job to make sure their constituents know and can vote accordingly next November, but we can’t do it without your support.

If you can chip in $10, $15, or $20 to help educate voters in swing districts about the payraises, click here to donate to this effort.

In just one week, roughly 8,000 unique voters have seen the three videos we launched last week. If you can help us reach more voters, please click here to help.

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