Fall Political Season Starts with a Bang

It’s been a busy week in Massachusetts conservative electoral politics.

Earlier this week we launched the first three of our new video ads targeting incumbent Democratic state legislators for their votes to raise their own pay by a whopping 40%. You can view an example here, and there are more to come this week!

On Monday, the New Boston Post our executive director’s Op-Ed entitled Want Real Change? Focus on the Legislature. It argues that the only way Republicans and conservatives will turn our state around is to focus on the offices of state representative in state senator. We have a great opportunity to do that with two special elections coming up (more on these later). You can read and share the piece here:

Want Real Change in Massachusetts?  Focus on the Legislature

Finally, making all of us here at the Coalition extremely busy, our petition drive to stop taxpayer funding of abortion received official signature papers from the secretary of state’s office. We spent a lot of time this week with the distribution of papers to volunteers, training new volunteers, and engaging new allies in the effort to re-direct our tax dollars.

Did you know our state tax dollars go to fund abortions? And that organizations like Planned Parenthood (ones that engage in aggressive electoral campaigning against conservative and Republican candidates) are growing rich off of state-subsidized abortions?

Massachusetts general law defines abortion as “the knowing destruction of the life of an unborn child.” Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts, the largest abortion provider, has $20 million in assets, and pays their CEO over $250,000 a year. It’s time for a conversation about where our tax dollars are going.

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