Ben Shapiro at Berkeley

Ben Shapiro is a really popular guy. I know this because friends share his videos with me all the time. I’ve never been very impressed with him. He doesn’t seem to deviate much from what I would refer to as movement conservatism. That’s what he stuck to during his latest appearance at Berkeley. He did a good job of memorizing his subject matter and reciting it quickly. You can watch the full event at Berkeley below.

For me the most interesting part of any talk is the Q&A. Here it was disappointing for two reasons. First, the questions weren’t very good. Most of these folks asking questions could have received the same answer had they entered into Google, “What do conservatives believe about…?” Second, some of Ben’s answers were not very good. His exchange with a young woman over abortion was painfully incoherent. I’ll link to that and also his answer to a question on DACA and illegal immigration.

Has any college around here hosted Ben? If he were hosted at Harvard would the questions be better?

Full video of Ben at Berkeley:

Q&A on abortion @ 1:34:35

Q&A on DACA @ 1:38:20

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