Assisted Suicide Hearing Held: Email Your Legislators

Yesterday the Joint Committee on Public Health held a hearing on the latest version of the left’s assisted suicide legislation. Liberal forces in the legislature are aggressively pushing HB 1194 (SB 1225) which would legalize physician assisted suicide, also known as “doctor prescribed death.” We want to thank everyone who answered our call and stepped forward to testify or attend the hearing.

As we’ve seen throughout the year in the debates over Charlie Gard and our MassHealth system, this would quickly become a way for big government to cut costs by encouraging the depressed, disabled, and elderly to end their lives. The “right to die” would become the “obligation to die” as the law is expanded, protections are removed, and the vulnerable are preyed upon. The very concept of the bill places doctors in an awful position, and cheapens humanity, but the devil is in the details.

While the concept of the bill is terrible enough, the legislation itself is written in a highly flawed fashion, with few safeguards. We must urge our legislators to tell committee members and the leadership they don’t want it passed. If you need more information about the issue, we urge you to read the MFI one page legislative brief.

Please click here to take 30 seconds to send an email to your legislators opposing this bill.

This issue failed at the ballot box in 2012, and was not filed this year to appear on the 2018 ballot due to lack of support, but as usual, the hearing was packed with liberal advocates—the same ones who frequently gather at the State House to rally for liberal causes like the Safe Communities Act, the $15 minimum wage, the Bathroom Bill, or the health curriculum.

Thankfully, our side was well-prepared, with months to line up doctors and advocates for the disabled to testify. It was a testament to why these leftist committee chairs rarely give much advanced notice regarding hearings: when they do provide notice, they hear from impassioned advocates and community members and concerned citizens in great numbers.

Today, we also launched three more videos highlighting the outrageous legislative payraises. We’re going district by district to expose the state legislators who pushed through this pay grab, with their names, photos, and phone numbers. You can see an example of the ad here:

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Please take a minute to chip in today to help our pay raise ads keep running, so we can continue to hold state legislators accountable.

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