Blanking Baker

Joe Battenfeld wrote in the Herald yesterday about the antipathy some conservatives have toward Charlie Baker.

“I’ve had people that come up to me … they’ll say, ‘I’m never voting for Charlie Baker again,’ ” Daxland said on Herald Radio. “That’s just the pulse I’m getting.”

The big problem for Baker is Trump. The governor has made no secret of his differences with the president and his policies. So where will those Trump voters go in 2018? Will they end up supporting a governor who has openly opposed the president at almost every turn?

“I would have to say the majority I don’t think are going to vote for Baker,” Daxland said.

Adam Reilly at WGBH didn’t see much evidence of that sentiment at the Geoff Diehl kick-off event.

It’s possible Adam just didn’t talk to the right people, or the people he did talk to were not comfortable airing their true intentions to a journalist. It’s also possible, as Joe Battenfeld mentions, that the feelings expressed by Mara Lou Daxland are overstated. One thing that is not in question is the legitimacy of blanking the ballot. Charlie Baker settled that issue himself when he blanked for president last year.

Since this site is read by many conservatives, perhaps we can get a clearer picture of what folks might do when handed the 2018 ballot. Please vote in the below poll only if you are a conservative.

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