Shiva Does the “Charlie Shuffle” on Sanctuary Cities

The little dance Gov. Baker does on sanctuary cities is shared by none other than potential Elizabeth Warren challenger Shiva Ayyadurai. In a radio appearance on the Pat Demarais Show last week, Shiva answered a caller’s concerns as such:

Some of the Democrat/liberal approach is let’s give them sanctuary cities. My view is for those people who really want to keep those people here and really want to support them, I think it should be, again, at the local level. And those towns which figure out how they want to do it should determine that. In my opinion is that those solutions can take place in many many different ways. Some towns may want to absorb it, support them, and in fact give them a path to citizenship, which may not be a wrong way to do it.

Listen for yourself.

H/t TheTruthHurts.

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