Senate Vote This Thursday on Extremist Left-wing Health Mandate

The Health Curriculum Frameworks bill, Senate Bill 2071 an “Act Relative to Healthy Youth,” has been sent out of Committee to be voted on by the full State Senate. It is now Senate Bill SB 2113 and will be taken up by the State Senate THIS THURSDAY.

We must call our senators right away, urging them to vote against SB – 2113. They can be reached at 617-722-2000.

Please let your state senators know your concerns about the bill.  In particular, please stress that the bill removes local control from parents and school districts, and puts it in the hands of state government. To send an email, click here.

The leftists frequently try to corner the market on expressions of “choice,” and use it as a euphemism for abortion, but we’ve been successful in making the battle over the health curriculum frameworks about choice and autonomy. This fight is about choices for parents and school districts regarding what their children are taught, rather than a one-size fits all, unfunded mandated approach sought by the left. Please ask your legislators to reject this unfunded mandate and maintain local control. Thank you.

What does the bill propose to do?

  • This bill makes the MA Health Curriculum Frameworks normative for sexuality education throughout the Commonwealth
  • The Health Curriculum Frameworks would teach young people how to get an abortion, and contraceptives without parental knowledge
  • They give tacit approval to teenage sexual activity and abortion regardless of what parents may wish to teach their children
  • They do not respect the Freedom of Religion, by which parents would pass on their values to their children
  • Passage of this bill would make “comprehensive sex education” a one-size-fits-all for all children regardless of individual maturity and readiness
  • A public policy of “comprehensive sex education” has failed our young people over the last few decades (26% of teen girls in America have an STD; Massachusetts has the 11th highest teen abortion rate in the nation)

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