Common Core Hearing Tuesday

Earlier this week, the House and Senate voted on two separate pieces of legislation altering the marijuana ballot question. Both bills had some good points, such as adding consumer protections, ensuring “safety” of products, and further clarifying the law. But there were some bad elements as well, such as the House provision hiking taxes (which may preserve the black market, while providing more “revenue” to feed a bloated government), and expanding the bureaucracy that will administer the law (again creating more state employees and pension costs).

As such, we didn’t feel comfortable urging legislators to vote a particular way on the bills. Some of our legislative allies voted for it, others voted against it, and many offered strong reasoning reflecting deeply held priories. We’re in new territory with the legalization of marijuana, and while the law that passed was deeply flawed, the legislative fixes aren’t necessarily all great solutions either.

This coming week Beacon Hill will continue hearings on many more pieces of legislation, including Rep. Kevin Kuros’s bill filing the petition language of the End Common Core ballot question. Many of you emailed and called your legislators at the start of the year in support of signing on during the bill filing period.

Rep. Kuros’s HB 290, as well as SB 283, both repealing the Common Core standards and restoring our pre-2010 education system, will have a hearing before the Education Committee, and we urge you to again contact your legislators in support of restoring our first in the nation pre-2010 standards.

Details for the hearing are as follows:

Joint Education Committee Hearing
Tuesday, June 27
10:00 am
State House, Room A-2

If you’re willing to attend and testify in support of ending Common Core, please let us know.

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