4th Middlesex Write-In Candidate for June 27

If you, your family, and friends want to vote Republican in the special election this Tuesday you now have a choice with Diane Dorrington.

Instructions to write-in Diane Dorrington:

  1. Request a Republican ballot
  2. Fill in the oval next to “write-in”
  3. Write in: Diane Dorrington, 31 Arcadia Rd, Billerica, MA

Bring these instructions to the polls with you. Share them with family and friends. If Diane receives at least 300 votes she will be on the ballot for the July 25 election.

The 4th Middlesex includes:

  • Arlington: All precincts
  • Billerica: All precincts
  • Burlington: All precincts
  • Woburn: All precincts
  • Lexington: Precincts 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 only

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