Update: Backdoor Sanctuary State Bill “Pulled”

We received word earlier today that HB 3033, which would’ve prevented state funds from being used to coordinate state and local law enforcement with federal immigration enforcement, has been pulled and will not be voted today.

The Democratic leadership had hoped that they could schedule a hearing for the Sanctuary State bill on June 9th, and then slip this other bill through unnoticed—a backdoor measure to make Massachusetts a Sanctuary State.

But you reacted forcefully and they pulled the bill.

As of this writing, over 800 people used our easy online system to email their legislators and the Governor with a simple message to not allow this to happen, and they responded.

Sometimes legislators do fear their constituents—but only if they’re informed and mobilized, and to keep informing and mobilizing we need your help.

We ran this simple Facebook ad, which over 100 people shared, reaching over 10,000 people in a matter of hours:

HB 3033 is back door way to make MA a Sanctuary State. Click here: https://www.votervoice.net/RMC/campaigns/52674/respond to tell your officials NO Sanctuary State

Posted by Renew MA Coalition on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Our easy online system allows voters to make their voices heard in under a minute. It’s highly useful, but it isn’t free—we pay thousands of dollars each year for it. Can you help us make sure it’s there the next time we need it?

The leftists aren’t going away—they’ll be out in force at the hearing on June 9th.

They’ll be holding more rallies and activating their supporters to contact legislators, and they are well-funded. Won’t you help us level the playing field?

If everyone on this list gave just $10 or $20, we’d have enough money to finance another big Facebook push in advance of the hearing, and to fund our online email advocacy system for another year.

Can you give just $20 to help us stop the next Sanctuary State push?

We can stop them, but we can only do it by getting more people involved and mobilized than the crazy political correctness crowd. Please take two minutes to support us by donating today.

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