Possible Sanctuary State Vote This Wednesday

The sanctuary city debate remains a hot topic all across Massachusetts and there are major developments this week.

This Wednesday, the legislature may take up a bill (HB 3033) that would prevent the use of state resources to carry out the important 287(g) agreements that delegate Immigration and Customs Enforcement authority to officers at the state and local level. We ask that you click on this link to take 30 seconds to email the legislature with a simple message: “Let our law enforcement keep us safe!”

If passed, Massachusetts will not be able to cooperate with federal authorities. In essence, this is a “back-door Sanctuary State” measure, and we need to let legislators and the Governor know we won’t let them get away with it.

On the local level, proponents of sanctuary cities continue to aggressively lobby municipalities across the commonwealth to adopt policies to make various community a sanctuary municipality. These policies endanger the safety of the residents of these communities and create a safe haven for criminal illegal aliens.

Thankfully, the concerned citizens of these communities are fighting back against these liberal progressive policies. This Wednesday evening, the local group Boston Against Sanctuary is hosting a forum with a number of experts on the issue that we at the Renew Massachusetts Coalition support. Please share the event flyer on Facebook. If you haven’t yet taken the time to like our Facebook page, please do so!

Please join us this Wednesday in W. Roxbury at 7:00 pm, and spread the word. Thanks!

Posted by Renew MA Coalition on Monday, May 22, 2017

This past month voters in Rockport overwhelming defeated at attempt to make their town a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Kudos to Jonathan Ring, and his organization for taking the charge. Due to the efforts of concerned residents the resolution was defeated 57% – 43%.

In Salem, the City Council ignored the objections of residents and passed a resolution to make Salem a sanctuary city. Outraged Salem residents quickly organized and collected over 5,500 signatures to put a repeal of the council’s decision on the November ballot. We wish to thank everyone on our lists who assisted with these efforts, and others in municipalities across the state.

Both Salem and Rockport are traditionally favorable towards liberal ideas, yet the thought of granting sanctuary is outside the mainstream to the point it’s opposed by citizens of both parties. Unfortunately the progressives on Beacon Hill still haven’t gotten the message.

In addition to the potential vote on Wednesday, the legislature has scheduled a hearing for June 9th for “Safe Communities Act” which would officially make Massachusetts a sanctuary state. We need you to join us at the State House on June 9th to show our strong opposition to this proposal. Whether you want to testify against the bill (SB 1305), show your support for those who do, or come and lobby your representatives personally, we need to keep the pressure on to defeat this dangerous bill.

Sanctuary State (Safe Communities) Hearing
Where: MA State House
When: June 9th – Assemble at 9:30, Hearing begins at 10:00 am
Where: Hearing Rooms: A-1 and A-2

If you cannot attend on the 9th but wish to fight against Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state we now have pushcards available for you to distribute in your communities to raise awareness of the dangers of Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state.


Our pushcards contain information about the Safe Communities Act, prior votes by legislators, as well as the phone numbers for voters to call their legislators. They’re great for passing out at soccer games or local fairs or festivals to let others in your district know how bad this bill is. For more information on attending June 9th or to request push cards for distribution locally please send an email to daniel@renewmacoalition.org.

With engaged volunteers we can fight to prevent the left from advancing their policies.

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