That Free Speech Rally on Boston Common

It was interesting…

WBZ had the tame take. The Daily Beast and Esquire did more in depth write-ups. There are groups and terms mentioned that I’m either vaguely aware of or completely unaware of. Possibly others are in the same boat. Here is a short list with links to Wikipedia:

Given all the groups trying to get a message out coupled with the groups that don’t have a coherent message, the whole rally seemed to me to be a confusing mess. There was a Proud Boy member that got arrested in a scuffle with an Antifa (anti-fascists) member that ensued while he was passing out a Pepsi in an attempt to mock a recent Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner. The Antifa people took grave offense to an elderly man’s prolife sign and saw fit to destroy it. American flags were waved. Other flags of bizarre origin were waved too.  

Free speech. I’m skeptical the rally accomplished much of anything. If we look at the rallies the left have held on Boston Common every weekend since Trump won the election, they haven’t done much except make the participants feel good. That’s great for us. Let them waste their time. As for ourselves, we should be more judicious in how we spend our time and on what. 

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