Dem Leadership Declares: Unborn Child Has Nothing to Do with Pregnancy

It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so sad and shocking. Last Wednesday the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill designed to protect pregnant women in the workforce, but ruled that an amendment filed by Rep. Jim Lyons to include impacts related to the health of the unborn child as “out of order.”

What does this mean? The House essentially ruled that the unborn child has nothing to do with a bill about pregnancy. This is despite the fact that every dictionary in existence defines pregnancy in some way as related to being “with child.”

Joe Tortelli has an excellent op-ed in the New Boston Post about the mental gymnastics the left now requires to continue to support abortion. We highly recommend you take the time to read it.

You can see the roll call for this vote here. Many pro-life Democrats voted with the majority because their Democratic caucus protocol requires that on “rules or procedural votes” they must vote with the Speaker, which is sad. Some at least didn’t vote rather than being a party to this nonsense.

What were the Democrats so afraid of? Last Wednesday was also coincidentally the “Progressive Mass Lobby Day” where liberal groups came together on Beacon Hill to lobby for a slate of ultra-left wing legislation such as single payer healthcare and tax increases. Organizations like Progressive Mass enforce the Democratic party’s group think around both fiscal and social issues, and push otherwise reasonable Democrats to do things like voting for the Bathroom and Locker Room bill, or arguing that unborn children and pregnancy have nothing to do with each other.

Want to fight back? We’re organizing district by district to oppose them, but we need your help! We’re always looking for more volunteers to educate voters, gather signatures, knock doors, and donate.

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