One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

It’s that time again when the progressives try to roll their own Tea Party. Before it was named the Coffee Party. We were told it was very successful.

The new group is the Indivisible movement. They just started on the Cape apparently. We are told they are very successful.

Mark Alliegro nails it:

Former two-time Republican Congressional candidate Mark Alliegro, of Falmouth, who founded the Upper Cape Tea Party, was candid in his assessment of Indivisible comparing itself to that movement.

“No media outlet in MA wanted to know anything about the Tea Party for 8 years, but preferred to just characterize these good people as racist, extremist, and polyphobic,” he wrote in an email to the Times. “Now, with the formation of these racist, extremist, leftist cells … all of a sudden people are interested in Tea Party principles? The comparison is almost as laughable as the sudden interest.”

Linda Zuern nails it:

Zuern said Indivisible appears to be funded, well-organized and connected — things the Tea Party was not.

“We never had guidelines and were never connected with each other,” she said. “Each group was just concerned people getting together with a mission of educating themselves with guest speakers. It wasn’t about getting people elected, it was about helping maintain the Constitution.”

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