Liberals and Saran Wrap?

The Health Curriculum Frameworks are up for a no-notice hearing before the Education Committee tomorrow. The legislators planned this hearing the day before Good Friday, the week before school vacation week, to make sure it was tough to alert you to this hearing.

HB 2053 mandates the Health Curriculum Frameworks, a one-sized fits all graphic sex-ed curriculum in every school. The mandate contains sensitive material, and fails to take into account the needs of students at different stages of their lives, and the needs of different school districts.

We need your help to let legislators know that this legislation is unnecessary, and that local school districts and involved parents should make these decisions, not liberal advocacy groups and bureaucrats.

What’s in the frameworks? Recommendations that children learn how to hide abortions from their parents, and instructions regarding how to utilize saran wrap/plastic wrap instead of a prophylactic. If this is what’s being taught in many schools it’s no wonder that sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise.

The guidelines claim to be “age appropriate” and “medically accurate” but are neither. Parents and school districts deserve to be involved and have choices regarding what their children are taught, rather than a one-size fits all, mandated  and extreme approach sought by the left.

This decision for legislators is about maintaining local control and autonomy regarding extremely sensitive topics. We need to remind them today to keep sensitive topics out of the hands of bureaucrats.

We urge you to click on the link here to tell your state representatives and senators that you oppose a state-dictated, one-size fits all mandate, and oppose ending local control while empowering liberal advocacy groups.

If even a fraction of the people on this list email their legislators and share the link, Beacon Hill will think twice about passing this bill.

Don’t let them win. Send them an email today. And we ask that you share the link on Facebook.

The Education Committee is holding a no-notice meeting on the Health Frameworks, which would mandate schools teach a…

Posted by Renew MA Coalition on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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