To Crown a Kingston

The first thing I read about our new Senate candidate was simply that we had one and that he had the blessing of Charlie Baker. His name was not given. For many Republicans in this state perhaps that is enough to support the man. News soon followed that gave a name to he who would be our candidate: John Kingston.

The Globe gushed over his credentials. Favorite of Baker operatives. Businessman. Non-partisan. Never Trumper. Who if anyone could disagree?


The Globe did a poor job of explaining the man and his motivations. Allow me to step in and fill the gaps. Yes, John Kingston donated to Rubio. Yes, John Kingston donated to Cruz. Yes, John Kingston donated to Kelly Ayotte.  John Kingston, after Trump had won the nomination, left the party in huff. John Kingston donated to Evan McMullin. John Kingston founded the Better for America organization to support Evan McMullin in his quixotic quest to deny Trump a win in as many states as possible, certainly Utah, and throw the election to Hillary Clinton. John Kingston’s plans fortunately did not come to fruition.

It’s mind boggling that he has apparently rejoined the party, gained favor, and will now be our candidate to run against Elizabeth Warren. Shouldn’t there be a moratorium of some kind to this thing? A five year one doesn’t seem out of place. If Bill Weld was pulling this I’d be saying the same thing.

In many respects this is deja vu all over again minus the details. John Kingston is Gabriel Gomez 2.0. We’ve been here before. The base cannot and will not get behind this candidate. Without the base he cannot win. All the party “experts” who will drone on about electability do not know of which they speak. To reiterate, we’ve been here before.

Elizabeth Warren is vulnerable now. There isn’t any reason to settle on the safe choice Baker operatives have chosen for us. We all get the lay of the land at this point. There is no daylight between the party and Baker. It’s a unified entity. It is what it is. We the grassroots do not have to settle for their chosen candidate. John Kingston? We can do better.

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