The Tomi Lahren Controversy

I’m going to use a line I’ve heard Dinesh D’Souza use many times. I feel like a mosquito at a nudist camp. I just don’t know where to begin.

What Tomi did is the rough equivalent of bashing your own country in a foreign country. It’s something that isn’t done or looked on kindly. There’s a time and place for things. The appropriate place for Tomi’s opinions on the issue of abortion were on her own show. To spring these opinions on people through The View was a poor choice.

Calling conservatives hypocrites because they are not “constitutional” in the way Tomi is, strikes me as the dog biting the hand that feeds it. She seems unaware of her place in things. Like many popular Youtube celebrities a lot of that popularity has to do with the fact that the camera is on a pretty girl. Aside from that, her popularity also comes from her being a conservative pretty girl who has a show with Glenn Beck who in turn gets the money for his show from conservatives. That money can dry up quick, especially when you single those folks out for scorn in what is enemy territory.

Since I wasn’t aware of Tomi Lahren before this controversy I don’t really know how she usually goes about describing herself. It seems to me that part of her problem is that she’s calling herself a conservative whereas a better term might be libertarian. If she were a libertarian her remarks would be non-controversial. Most libertarians that I run into seem to be pro-choice. The guys at Reason magazine generally are. I don’t find their reasoning on the issue to be very well founded on libertarian grounds, but it is what it is.

Let’s say that Tomi did betray conservative orthodoxy. What are those positions that a conservative must have and cannot deviate very far from? If Tomi had instead voiced an alternative view on the Second Amendment I think she’d be in hot water all the same. This isn’t just a thing with our side. Liberals and progressives are not enlightened enough to allow their own to stretch far afield. Both sides have a brand they seek to protect. The pro-life movement has tried to branch out in unique ways, but among progressives pro-life views are not taken seriously. The pro-life Democrat is extinct. Maybe Stephen Lynch still describes himself as such, but it is done so with a wink and a nod, the understanding being that there’s no substance there. 

As to the prolife movement, I’m not sure they wouldn’t include Tomi among their number. When the movement lashed out at Donald Trump for saying that women should face some penalty for procuring an abortion, it showed a schizophrenic way of looking at things. The movement has long pushed the seamless garment of life bit that seeks to rope in other issues like the death penalty. If that is pro-life orthodoxy then I’m not a part of the movement and my feel for things is that not many conservatives would be either. The movement seems to be consumed with a sappy way of looking at things which is what Trump ran afoul of. If Tomi claims to be personally prolife it is probably good enough for the movement with my understanding of how it is at the moment. 

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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