Gov. Baker Is Continuing to Keep His Promise

The news that that Gov. Baker will fill the gap if Congress cuts funds to Planned Parenthood is disappointing but not surprising. During the campaign Charlie Baker promised to fill the gap left by the Hobby Lobby decision.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, under fire for comments on a recent Supreme Court ruling restricting insurance coverage for contraception, said Friday morning he would set aside $300,000 as governor to cover women affected by the decision.

“I have always, and will as governor, support women’s right to access comprehensive health care,” Baker said, in a statement.

It was one of the first promises he kept as governor.

Governor Charlie Baker, fulfilling a campaign pledge, will set aside $300,000 in his proposed state budget for women whose employers deny them contraceptive coverage, according to a source in his administration.

There is no reason Planned Parenthood needs taxpayer money. They receive plenty of corporate donations. The local organizations hold their own weird fundraisers. We are told how popular and necessary the services that Planned Parenthood provides are. That means there should be more than enough folks willing to open their checkbooks instead of picking the pockets of the taxpayers. Nonetheless, good for Charlie for keeping his promise. That’s what politicians should do. We the voters should pay more attention to what politicians are promising.

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