Why Was Baker Booed?

The claim being made on Twitter and elsewhere is that Baker was booed at the Patriots Parade. That alone is open to interpretation. Listen below.

If Twitter is to be believed the consensus is that Baker was being booed for his absence at the Women’s March, absence at the travel ban protests, and the general idea that he isn’t doing enough to distance himself from Trump. I can’t claim to have my finger on the pulse of Patriots Nation, but it strikes me that perhaps there is not a lot of overlap between Patriots fans and the people who attend faddish liberal protest marches.

It is my understanding that key people in the Patriots organization are on friendly terms with Trump. As far as the fans go, I’d guess that the average Patriots fan is more sympathetic to Trump than the average Massachusetts voter. I also have a personal anecdote of a Patriots superfan, who I had not known to have a great interest in politics, telling me weeks after the election that he thought Baker was an ******* for not voting for Trump. Take that for what you will. My opinion is that Twitter is wrong. Share your opinion below.

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